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Subject: Re: [PsySR-wellbeing] Young, Depressed, and Of Color

Date: Fri, July 4, 2014 12:19 pm



The discussion engages a longstanding concern for using diagnostic behavior as an approach for achieving ethnic control/racism.

In 1967, M.L. King Jr. gave the keynote speech to the APA and spoke to how "behavioral science" was used to diagnose "civil rights behavior."

More recently, I heard a psychological anthropology presentation at AAA 2012 by Nealy Myers here where she talked about her work on the streets of Washington, DC comparing the lived experience of diagnosed persons to parameters of racism and sexism and heterosexism.

There would be value in speaking to the underlying character of "structural violence" which empowers that oppressive social dynamic.



Andrew Phelps



On Fri, July 4, 2014 11:26 am, Kos wrote:

Thanks to Hnl for posting.

Yxw, I would love to hear more about how your colleague gets that 'diagnosis' through. Maybe we should put it into standard practice.

I just read a beautiful essay on this general topic (the relationship between diagnosis and racism) by Colin King, an activist, social worker, and former patient. The text is titled "They diagnosed me a schizophrenic when I was just a Gemini. 'The other side of madness.'" It's the opening essay in an anthology called "Reconceiving Schizophrenia," part of the "International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry" series.

..  Quote from the text:

"I also wanted to know if there was a relationship between what happened 400 years ago when black men like me were chained, lynched, and brutalized to the way I was overly medicated, locked up, and injected by white men who replaced their white sheets with white medical coats."