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Sent: Thu May 8, 2014, 15:16

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Without engaging specifics, I think the assessment that the client/survivor movement is managed on the whole by "people with political motives" is an authentic observation.

That difficulty came into focus in the early 80s when the movement separated itself into "those who take money from the system" and "those who don't." Divergent political motives and an agreement to say "hello" at times, in other words.

However, over the years, many of us have worked to 'mature' or upgrade our movement, and (limited) achievements have been often made. A positive way to present would be to put forward your own Vision for social change in the activism related to people oppressed by the "behavior management" paradigm that prevails in mental health today



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On Wed May 7 0:43, Yac sent:

I did see on your website there were 'consumers' involved at your conferences.  Sorry for the language.  And excuse me but the survivor movement is led by people with political motives as far as I have found, my dear.  I am still looking, that's why you were fresh to me.  I only saw one offensive link or member (not a psychologist, btw).