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Subject:  Re: [psysr-disc] Re: To the Steering Committee (with ccs): please discuss

Date:  Sunday, December 23, 2018 8:34 PM


Pnl,  your comments appreciated.

What I read comes as an adjustment to the "broken behavior" of 1% management approach common to psychological ideation. That conventional dynamic has been challenged by many individuals in PsySR in the frame of "social responsibility."

Nonetheless, the completed project of community engagement (extending beyond what you properly call the "stitch together") is found in the work of Antonio Gramsci in the frame of "cultural hegemony" (beyond, not only: "cultural competence").

I would encourage you (and others) to look beyond the prevailing social dynamic, involving "statements," and look towards the _institutional shift_ project required.

The call for "transcendence" in our social process should be analyzed, not merely reflected upon.



Andrew Phelps



On Tue, 12/11/18, Pnl wrote:

Yes itís true. Things have been fallow on the statement front (though PsySR individuals remain active in their personal and sometimes stitched-together collective endeavors). The collective will to write PsySR statements on matters that need PsySR statements has not been arising much lately. Still, itís good to start somewhere. I expect that anyone who sees one or both of the two films about the twin and triplet experiments will be curious whether there is an organization of psychologists that has spoken to it. Currently, there is none that Iíve found. We could be one among the none.

Iíd rather have credit for being one among none go to PsySR rather than just to myself. That might come with costs, but none that I see as outweighing the benefits. Hopefully action will inspire more action, since inaction, it seems, is also very good at inspiring inaction. Thus I recommend against trying to turn action into inaction (or more powerful collective action into less powerful single individual action) on the grounds there has not been enough collective action up to now to make sense of the new collective action. That line of reasoning just seems like a recipe for more collective inaction.

And actually, in this context, there is a solid record of PsySR collectively standing against human rights abusing psychologists, mostly vis a vis Guantanamo and the War on Terror. That seems like plenty of context to me. And those who would not otherwise know about those human rights abusing psychologists or PsySRís actions calling them to account might be brought into the know through acquaintance with PsySR by way of the new collective action Iím proposing.. I saw Three Identical Strangers on an airline flight. I expect it would be much more difficult to get, say, Doctors of the Dark Side, included on an airline flight entertainment menu. People who take flights are less self selecting as a category of people than those who get involved in the human rights or anti war movements. Expanding the scope of people who know whatís going onóby first taking about things they know aboutóis good.

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