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From: "Andrew Phelps"


Subject: Re: [RadPsyNet-Members] When the Whistle Blows and Nobody Hears

Date: Wednesday, December 30, 2015 10:44 PM



Your message speaks well. The "whistle" experience needs fixing.

In Italy, the work of Franco Basaglia - and others - has produced a "whistle fix." Today there is an ongoing effort to bring that "paradigm shift" to U.S. mental health.

One example of such an effort (not the beginning effort, just a meaningful step) is shown in the Critical Psychiatry and Anthropology Workshop held in May 2013 at the U.C Berkeley Anthropology Dept.,  here.

Some of us, including people on the RADPSYNET list, are involved in a project through Psychologists for Social Responsibility to work on developing the way of that paradigm shift. That's called "New Social Roles" and relates to the website  here.

Mr. Lewis might find interesting the role of Frank Kashner, a co-leader in that project. Frank is active in the Boston area, where Mr. Lewis says he worked as a clinician.



Andrew Phelps

On Wed, 12/30/15, Ilo wrote:

Deafening Silence: What Happens When the Whistle Blows and Nobody Hears?

December 27, 2015

What happens when someone finally “blows the whistle,” exposing potential harm and possible death caused by today’s mental health system? Is there any government agency or designated persons who are prepared to hear the whistle or even investigate and/or act on the nature of a serious complaint? Are all whistle blowers fired, or are some just ignored and easily dismissed as just an isolated voice in the wilderness? Just how broken is "Broken"? Is it even worth the effort of going through official channels to file formal complaints within the current ‘System’? Here is my story and I will let you ponder some of the possible answers to these provocative questions.