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Yes, you are right, "something" is happening. From my point of view, we delivered a 'message' - year after year - and slowly the import is sinking in.

Our "messaging failure" has been/is in the matter of taking "serious risk" and then (sometimes, too often) getting "shot down" for "dialogue ritual dysfunction," "banging," whatever. That seems to me to be what happened with Ed Knight, who was preaching the "Open Dialogue" before (somehow) he got Dan Fisher to listen, giving Oryx Cohen the opportunity to connect.

On Sun Feb 19 18:40, Jln sent:

Dan Fisher on dialogicality and Open Dialogue

I keep at that. I keep trying things like breaking the confusion between anthropologists Laura Nader (mentor to Amy Goodman, advocate of the culture of the Alinsky method) and Nancy Scheper-Hughes HERE (direct action feminist, advocate of the "clinical gaze critique"). With "problematic events" like the difficulties related to Occupy Oakland, the concerns come more to the surface .. as I pick out details through my "client/survivor version" of the "clinical gaze critique." :-)

My lived experience: This weekend was a conference on "Occupy the Truth: Whistleblowers" featuring Bradley Manning and networked with Occupy Oakland. I participated (some): It took place at U.C. Berkeley International House which is ~1 block from where Laura and Nancy have their offices (that are down the hall from one another). Daniel Ellsberg, Ray McGovern, Col. Ann Wright, also Johanna, 2nd wife of Abbie Hoffman presented the "Bradley Manning" panel; by video cast also heard Birgitta Jonsdotter, Icelandic parliamentarian who nominated Bradley for the Nobel Peace Prize.

That was engaging; I got to connect with many of those folks, including Ray (he mentioned Srp, my friend from the 60s who is now on the Steering Committee of PsySR, with fondness).

My "social accountability" report would be that they didn't "get" the Laura/Nancy divide, that Occupy Cal insisted (over the vote of an impromptu General Assembly) to put tents on the I-House lawn and challenge the U.C. Berkeley police. In short there were "good patches" and still disorganization rather than "good organization" obtained. My hope was to present that "client/survivors" should be part of the advocacy for "Occupy the Truth." For that, my report is there was a lot of interest and sympathy, but that - in the end - they weren't yet ready to embrace our "personhood."

KPFA was one of the sponsors. Still same agenda - the General Manager sneered me when he learned what I was about. The MF person (back to your point above, Jln) was advertising the Occupy San Quentin event today (which is also co-sponsored by Occupy Oakland).

Would be interesting to hear what you and others are doing. I'd like to hear how we break down the prevailing "movement unawareness" level. If we are able to do so, we will help construct a contribution to social justice advocacy. .. But also, be careful: The risks are real, as Ed's difficult experience has shown; as Def's experience showed years back.



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