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Subject: [S-ACC] violence and medicine

Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017 4:00 PM



The path to safety of "institutional shift" extends the support from our personal social roles to support for our life projects.

Last nite Delphine and I attended at the "Medicine and Violence" Conference at U.C. Berkeley, see:  event link

The project of "structural competence" in the clinical setting would be a long-standing advocacy, in critical psychology and with the Work Group - that provides a "grassroots" perspective of merit. That also transcends the operative paradigm of "peer support," which does much good and also however would be inclined to accommodate the ongoing institutional structures.

We were representing the "Disability Justice, Harm Reduction, and Paradigm Shift" project of the local (Bay Area) version of Structural Competence. We were well received and we were able to bring the "Boston Alternatives" message of "Paths to Safety" to people's attention.





structuralcompetency.org  gives the national website for the version of "clinical" deconstruction with which we network