From: "Andrew Phelps" <>


Cc: Friend

Subject: [S-ACC] IVAT experience, and NPEIV

Date: Sunday, October 15, 2017 3:36 PM



On Sep. 23-25 I participated in the 22nd IVAT (Violence, Abuse, and Trauma) conference, in San Diego. Perhaps people would recall that some 10-15 years ago they took interest in the "mental health clients" movement and also put our advocacy on the planning committee.

What happened - in their context - was the "bullies" took over and undercut the meaningful impact of that coalition project. We were allowed to continue, still we had to "fit in." So in the last few years, their project has been to "put bullies in their place." In 2017, sufficient success was obtained that "intersectionality" was the dominant topic for the clinicians fighting violence, abuse, and trauma: Our oppression takes a "new flavor."

In that context, I presented a poster session "Interpersonal Violence: Deepening the Silicon Valley Engagement." I spoke of the effort to bring oppression into focus, going from "Mad Lives Matter" to the project of "Institutional Shift," the social role opening for client/survivor activists (includes two handouts below).

What is also of interest is that the National Partnership to end Interpersonal Violence In Our Lifetime (, in the tenth year after emerging from IVAT, also moved to "intersectionality." And now they are speaking to building a broader networking, which would include many anti-violence advocacies. That would include Psychologists for Social Responsibility ( and, I believe, our Work Group. I shall speak to that further, in the ongoing conversation.



handouts at poster session: