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From: "Andrew Phelps" <>


Cc: Friend

Subject: [S-ACC] the understory

Date: Thursday, November 24, 2016 7:46 PM



The impression rendered me is that list posting after the Presidential election is not happening. Neither major candidate took a socially responsible advocacy position in the "mental health" area, and the election impact is troublesome and hard to speak on.

I continue to work on the project of bringing oppression of the "client/survivors" to the table - the "duck management" illusion of the contemporary system. There is an "understory," where multiple elements ill-taken by the social process following the election are finding both grounding and potentials for "grassroots" advocacy.

Thus, in the City of Berkeley, we elected a new Mayor and City Council majority who are "radicals," often with history of collaboration with the "social accountability" perspective. A grassroots example, no doubt one of many, would be where Delphine Brody and I are developing a "Disability Justice, Harm Reduction, and Paradigm Shift" work group, as part of the Structural Competency focus of the "Rad Med" culture change project - see the googlegroup "Rad Med Announcements" or contact our email:

In short, a new period is upon us, and we will find the direction and character of the advocacy. The process of finding patterns of reconciliation for the oppression and work towards culture change (extending earlier work of Maria Maceira on client culture) continues to gain ground: See - from our networked website - here.


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