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From: "'Andrew Phelps' [S-ACC]"

To: <>

Subject: [S-ACC] understanding

Date: Mon 02/23/15 06:32 AM



We often find a lack of understanding as to the the meaning of the circumstances that put us in an oppressed condition. Recently Moq cited the experience of attempting to help people by discussing their concerns with them, and finding "unworkable" ways standing in front of them.

Pushing the rock up hill, having that fall back over and over, that experience is taking new form under present social conditions.

In my experience, I had "wake up" in 2013 when The Burglary, by Betty Medsger, was published. I learned that my college physics teacher had gone on to organize the 1971 break-in of the FBI office in Media, PA, where the Cointelpro had first been brought to light. [!]

I had to re-think, to reflect back on the meaning of my life experience. Now I'm seeing other openings that affect various other persons similarly, in meaningful and impactful ways.

Right now I'm reflecting on confusion and frustration and how that may lead to diagnostics and accusations of "mental illness."




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