Acting Chief Esquivel




Subject: Re: [behave] two special events Sat. and Mon.

Date: Sun, April 14, 2013 10:26 am



I presented the REELWORK Paula Caplan program to the 9to5 group (feminist labor organization) and also to the Silicon Valley Reads group which met in Cupertino on Saturday.

People are feeling challenged and are well-taken by the idea of an authentic path forward for the people being pulled down by trauma and its reinforcement by ‘retrauma’.

ABO “Andrew Behavior Object”
HERE gives the MHCA flyer for the event



On Saturday the 9to5 labor group meets at 2302 Zanker at 3PM. They are planning for their “Wage Theft” focused Regional Leadership Conference, which takes place April 27 in Los Angeles. [That] feminist labor project is of merit for our “behavior” advocacy.

Also, on Monday 12 noon at A.A.C.I. 2400 Moorpark Suite 210A, the Coalition for Justice and Accountability has its monthly meeting. The featured presenter will be the Acting Chief Esquivel of San Jose Police Dept.