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I really appreciate your descriptions of the issues related to the "behavior management" experience and the struggle against the oppression of client/survivors.

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I am reminded of a young woman I knew. Her parents split up when she was a very young child and she was left with her mother, who was patently crazy. Without warning, the mother would push the child down the stairs, throw scalding water on her, etc.

Around age 16 the girl went to live with her father--and then began to experience migraines, develop allergies, severe menstrual problems and so forth.

Her father had the girl worked up medically by major specialists up and down the East Coast, and they could find nothing wrong with her. However, when she would visit her mother, her symptoms would stop.

Apparently what had happened was that the girl's nerves, hormones and Immune system had accepted life-threatening stress as a normal state of affairs, and her physical maturation had developed around that. Absent that dangerous stress level as a primary organizing factor, her endocrine, nervous and immune systems were thrown into chaos.


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