transcendence breakdown


From: "'Andrew Phelps' [S-ACC]"

To: <>

Subject: [S-ACC] transcendence and paradigm shift

Date: Wed 02/11/15 08:24 PM



Upon reflection, I'd like to adjust my presentation of the "transcendence" concern for client/survivor activism:
* TRANSCENDENCE - overcome the bad habits of limited response with outreach to the truth of culture.
I think the activism may be addressed more directly.

I'm speaking to overcoming bad arrangements that obtain when "culture change" is done in a way that limits response. An analogy for "bad arrangement" would be when Native Americans are put on a reservation, where they allegedly may act in the frame of their culture, yet poverty and outside social manipulations degrade that experience.

What I mean - said better - would relate to successfully bringing about "paradigm shift" in some component of mental health, only to have that arrangement undercut and deconstructed. Then to "overcome the bad habits of limited response" is to fight for the integrity of the paradigm shift that has emerged/been established.

"Transcendence" describes the psychological experience that with maturity of the movement turns to building habits of maintenance of the paradigm shift. So try:
* PARADIGM BREAKDOWN - build habits that help establish and sustain culture change.