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From: "Andrew Phelps" <>

To: <>

Subject: [s-acc] trauma sensitivity

Date: Thu 04/11/13 07:43 AM



To restructure the activism process, we need to promote and value "sensitivity." To engage retrauma, we should in fact promote "trauma sensitivity" (credit to Pat Risser who put that formulation before me). I'm pleased to say that in two weeks' time, I've constructed a program at San Jose City College with Paula Caplan. The Mental Health Client Association and the Veterans Association are having her present on the film, "SERVICE: When Women Come Marching Home" HERE.

The way one builds 'character' runs differently when one is challenged by retrauma and practices "trauma sensitivity." That political overview involves the "behavior object" who suffers manipulation due to conditioning. A pattern of "slipping" emerges under instrumental conditioning, and also a pattern of "banging" emerges under classical conditioning. We need to develop the institutional framework that will brace people emotionally in regards those two modalities.