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From: "Andrew Phelps"


Subject: [S-ACC] Fw: PsySR TOWN HALL Meeting in Toronto, Thursday, August 6: The Hoffman Report and APA's Complicity in Torture

Date: Thu 07/30/15 03:12 PM



With the breakdown of the leadership of the APA (psychology) due to "mental health behavior" in regards promotion of torture practices in collaboration with national security, the voice of "madness" needs to be heard better.

At the Toronto APA meeting Aug. 6-9, psychologists with integrity will meet and discuss how to change the way the psychology profession will be organized. Social accountability says our advocacy needs more prominence, including (not limited to) the "Basaglia's Vision" critique of the "mental health" practicum.

I will personally be unable to be in Toronto next weekend; should anyone involved with the Work Group be able, would love to talk about possible advocacy support that might be provided. We may also talk with PsySR about possible collaboration.

On Thu, 7/30/15, Psychologists for Social Responsibility wrote:

Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) and co-sponsors will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting in Toronto on Thursday, August 6th, in St. Andrew's Church. The purpose of this event is to create plenty of space for in-depth discussion about what the Hoffman Report means for the American Psychological Association, for psychologists, and for the public.

When: 4pm to 8pm, Thursday, August 6, 2015
Where: St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 73 Simcoe Street
(an 8-minute walk from where the APA Convention is being held)

The program for PsySR's five days of events, talks, and discussions -- from Aug 5th to 9th in Toronto -- is available online here

The concern for oppression based on "behavior management" needs to be more fully engaged.