demolition of Tolman Hall


From: Andrew Phelps <>

To: PsySR Discussion <>

Sent: Wed, Apr 29 at 9:00 PM

Subject: Humanistic Psychology: The Demolition of Tolman Hall



You put the presentation together very well, and much supportive advocacy was presented in proper way.

My concern would be, that to extend the positive advocacy regarding humanist psychology, would involve reference to Edward Tolman, who made that advocacy in an earlier generation. Finally U.C. Berkeley was unable to handle the force of his advocacy, and the Psychology Dept. building was renamed Tolman Hall, in 1962.

Today the ongoing concerns that you present so well, are reflected in the fact that Tolman Hall has been demolished, only a flat field remains.

We need to go up from your leadership and the direct operational psychology frame, and bring forward the extension of Dr. Tolman's advocacy to a new form of humanistic psychology. In his instance, he broke the violence [found] in rat psychology, by proving that rats have feelings, that the traditional operational perspective does not actually obtain.

My best

Andrew Phelps

who received his B.A. in Psychology 1977 in the area now turned into a flat field: Our struggle continues