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From:  Andrew Phelps <>

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Subject:  [xxx] truth and engagement

Date:  Sat, 26 May 2012 15:12:58 -0700



At the beginning of this month, the CNMHC lost its main contract, with Calif. DMH. At the end of this month, they will lose their office (non-payment of rent).

Thursday I attended a meeting of MHSOAC, the Oversight and Accountability Commission. I presented at public comment on the problematic of non-transformation, as it is currently presided over by the Commission. I spoke about four flyers which I distributed:

HERE  NSR Project
HERE  From Moral Therapy to Moral Collapse
HERE  SLC Experience
HERE  MHCA Community Forum

Instead of promoting "culture change" in mental health and challenging the "untruth" of the present system of behavior management, the leadership of MHSOAC (the Chair being Larry Poaster and the Vice-Chair being Richard van Horn) takes the "low path," preferring to build around the "old social roles" defined by the prevailing culture. I gather they have also offered a contract to CNMHC to stabilize its arrangement, but on the same type of terms that have twice brought it down (1995 and 2011). At some point, one would hope, a form of client/survivor networking based on "respect" and valuing grassroots advocacy will break through the system of "denial" and take command.

We need to "occupy our behavior" and express the validity of ourselves as imaginative human beings. We need to build our ways of being around "social responsibility" and not on our "old social roles" capacity as "bullies" being 'effective'.



ABO "Andrew Behavior Object"