Nelson Mandela


From: "Andrew Phelps" <>

To: <>

Subject: [S-ACC] structural violence, structural change

Date: Sun 04/27/14 10:59 AM


I see a culture "down-shift" with many aspects (including the dominant client/survivor movement) taking the form of re-organization.

For myself, I look at the project forward to "reset" the discussion on "science" and bring forward the "clinical gaze critique" model that challenges the "diagnosis behavior" of psychiatry and supports the "life project" approach to the objects of clinical practice. The discussion on "madness" as phenomenology takes root, as we encounter the difficulties attendant, and seek to overcome those.

Locally, I take note:

On Monday, April 28th, at 2PM at International House in Berkeley, Nancy Scheper-Hughes from U.C.B. medical anthropology, and others have constructed a "Reconciliation" event honoring the legacy of Nelson Mandela (event is free):  HERE

A second component of that event also looks into issues from indigeneous people in the Amazon where reconciliation does not attain in full measure