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Subject: [s-acc] White House Summit

Date: Tue 06/04/13 08:26 AM



The White House Summit on Mental Health raises concern that will affect social accountability in the area of madness. I have a "first impression" - hardly any complete overview - of what that means for the client/survivors and also for the general population.

In 1963 Pres. Kennedy promoted a policy change in Mental Health that transferred "asylum" based behavior management towards a "community" based model. In the long run, that community-based approach developed multiple complexities which we continually engage still today. In the 1990's we found that "empowerment" became a framing for those complexities.

In 2013 Pres. Obama is promoting a policy change in Mental Health that transfers "stigma" based behavior management towards a "treatment" based model. As we are well aware, that treatment-based approach has multiple complexities. In the present frame, the advocacy for 'sensitivity' and deconstruction of the "mental illness" diagnostic behavior seems to provide a direction for "framing."

The "clinical gaze critique" of Foucault as implemented by "occupation of behavior" - to my sense engages both that 'community' project and now that 'stigma' project. That seems to me to be a line of thought that continues to be worth pursuing.

Today - a new morning - I shall have to see what the weather looks like outside.




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