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Date: Mon, December 29, 2014 10:31 pm

Subject: [behave] Report on 12/2 Campus Forum



On Tuesday, Dec. 2 the Mental Health Client Association held its Fall 2014 Campus Forum - the amended flyer is HERE. The meeting was small and sustained well the discussion on structural violence - domestic violence and sexual assault on campus; still our dream had been to reach to the passion of what paradigm shift means for mental health clients on campus.

Political Science instructor Philip Crawford spoke in place of David Yancey on the prevailing situation of domestic violence in community mental health. He has worked on that problem as a legal and social advocate in many grassroots capacities, and has even taught courses on the subject (one of his ex students attended the Forum).

Student Life Director Blake Balajadia spoke to ongoing efforts to bring sexual assault into prominence as a focal problem for campus life. On September 30th, EVC hosted the Summit on Sexual Assault on College Campuses and the discussion of social violence on campus is coming ahead more and more.

We had in attendance a senior member of administration and we had a long discussion of what would be - in each person's view - how actual change in campus climate could be effected. However - nobody's fault - given the present difficulties of the college involving the lack of community engagement and stresses on compassionate advocacy on campus, we were unable to "sing the student song" with the notes we would have wished.



Andrew Phelps

President, MHCA