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I find your response here incomplete.

I was told my "anger" was a "negative emotion" and that I shouldn't sustain it. Instead I did sustain it - in what I considered a fitting manner - and eventually received a Ph.D. in mathematics (U.C. Berkeley, 1987) for my efforts in that regard.

In other words, you are right that the statement posed has weaknesses in its formulation but you haven't engaged the "lived experience" regarding usual practices whereby behavior managers are telling client/survivors "how to feel."


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Spending time in negative, constrictive emotions has been established, by research, to create serious health conditions, including cancer and heart disease. To claim that "the idea of negative emotions is a big mistake" is ignoring or denying reality.

On 7/5/2012 11:22 AM, Usq wrote:

I think it is important to not be kneejerk-reactive about this when it is expressed by others. Some emotions do feel bad and cause an unwanted ruckus in our lives, even if that comes coupled with important lessons.