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My "SLC experience" yesterday included networking with activists Hope Holland and Maylen Berkaloff. As it happened I sat with Lynda Kaufmann from Psynergy. There were perhaps 50 persons there and most of the meeting was devoted to M.H. Director Nancy Peña and her staff going through the budget items for FY 2014.

Comments were invited at each part: I was ill taken that the Phoenix (Palo Alto Self-Help) was being closed. :-( There is a new LGBTQ part of ECCAC as well as one devoted to Veterans. A 100 page "draft report" is now online, and participants each received a hard copy.

Of particular interest was the termination of the Alum Rock contract for INN-07. Allison Torres and I initially served on the committee (I represented MHCA). Later however our advocacy regarding the "clinical gaze critique" and how post-crisis intervention should be overseen was pushed out of the process and our role was terminated. See [1] HERE [2] HERE [3] HERE.

On Monday I raised the matter of the ICPW support for the "clinical gaze critique" HERE .. and Nancy Peña offered to bring the concern "back on the table" for the post-crisis intervention innovation project.


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Monday's meeting is 3-5PM at the Learning Partnership 1075 E. Santa Clara Street, SJ 2nd Floor. Traditionally there is broad participation from many sectors of the Mental Health Services and 'stakeholders'.

Those are public meetings and students are welcome to attend. They concern the Mental Health Services Act Stakeholder Leadership Committee which implements Prop. 63 in Santa Clara County as authorized by law.