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Subject: [s-acc] stage 2 preparation

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I'm absorbed in putting together the dynamics for "stage 2" of the New Social Roles project of PsySR.

That will mean expanding the number of psychologist/clinicians and client/survivors involved. It will also mean starting up "limited coalition" projects where people from the two social roles will help to achieve some result that otherwise has been hard to achieve. I have referenced that in earlier

discussions as "getting Amy Goodman to take the client/survivors more seriously." Generally speaking, we will "occupy our behavior" and promote respect, and we will help the psychologist/clinicians to "behave" in a way that moves forward our common struggle for social justice.

The overall description of the project is referenced HERE and the Social Accountability Work Group final description is HERE.

People who might be interested in joining this project should contact me or Jancis Long. We are expecting to add members monthly (soon, after we start stage 2). This is a "culture change" project that takes on the issue of oppression, and we each give what we may, with attention to social responsibility.


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