Barack and Raul shake hands


From: "Andrew Phelps [S-ACC]"


Subject: [S-ACC] speakout from Arkansas

Date: Mon 04/13/15 09:29 PM



Not about yesterday's announce for President .. I have been working with Psychologists for Social Responsibility in the New Social Roles project. Have been relating to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom Center in Oakland, CA HERE which brings back the culture of the civil rights struggle to a wide audience there. Two weeks ago they did a program with Rev. Lawson - the man who taught King the "nonviolence" work style - and I attended, along with Delphine Brody, Sharon Clausen, Betsy Kagan, and others. Then last Saturday nite, they presented two members of the "Little Rock Nine," who as teenagers in 1957 had helped integrate Central H.S. in Little Rock, AR.

Minnijean Brown Trickey rose as a social worker and even served time working for the Clinton administration (1999-2001). Dr. Terrence Roberts became a psychologist and social justice advocate within his clinical context. Congressperson Barbara Lee who sponsors these events and usually attends was in Panama City supporting Obama's talk with Raul Castro. I came with a student activist from San Jose City College; Betsy Kagan was [again] also in attendance.

What I find is a community organizing process means to move towards engaging culture change in a progressive manner. My interest is that the New Social Roles project provides an opportunity to "research" how that might engage "madness" in a culturally appropriate manner. What I have not (yet) found is that having our ongoing outreach to the ML King Jr Freedom Center will make real connection. We are not succeeding in "getting Barbara Lee to listen," not at present; still we are preparing the work process to take on such an organizational reach.

I'd be pleased to hear how others are making efforts to extend the "social accountability" reach. I see many here doing just that, and I like that very well. We cannot move forward our movement by "chasing the cat in the loft" or by socially irresponsible accommodation of the "mental health" system. Constructing the process in a positive way is an act of imagination which we must vigorously take on.


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