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Richard Wolff is an emeritus professor of political economy at U. Mass. Amherst. He is nationally syndicated based on what you describe as his "bottom up" approach, and may be found at the link  HERE.

In February Jancis Long and I heard Dr. Wolff speak in Berkeley - the event flyer is  HERE. We also spoke with him briefly afterwards, linking his advocacy to the International Critical Psychiatry Workshop of May 2013 at the U.C. Anthropology Dept. - he appeared to take interest in that.





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Thanks. I'm not familiar with Richard Wolff but what you describe is what I know as "bottom up." I spent the last 19 years of my Government career in Quality Assurance of Computer Software for systems that controlled all types of materiel used by the U.S. Government, NATO and our Friendly Foreign Governments. We had a club-like systemĀ called "Quality Circles" that we urged the employees to join. It taught them how to get their ideas for improvement reviewed, tested and accepted if they worked. If their ideas were implemented it mean a age or grade increase for the submitter. I taught classes on it and ran a circle myself. We even changed most of our old fashioned top-down organization charts to either bottom-up charts or charts with all circles and arrows showing the interactions between them. It worked well, a lot of low-level employees made great suggestions; moved up the ladder and the systems worked better. Since then most of our government and industries have scrapped quality assurance and moved operations to countries that use no quality control; we pay more for poorer products/services and have many more unemployed/low-paid citizens living in poverty.