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Date: Fri, June 19, 2015 5:50 pm



The alternative perspective, akin to Ttt's book involves what Richard Wolff describes as the need to replace corporate boards of trustees by worker boards of trustees. In San Jose, CA that is a perspective being developed by the Human Agenda  HERE.

They have done things like visit Bhutan and look into the "Gross National Happiness" perspective and also visit the Basque region of Spain where Mondragon, Inc. is implementing the Worker control perspective.

The U.S. Social Forum takes place next weekend in Philadelphia and San Jose:  Human Agenda participates in an important manner.

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About 35 - 40 years ago I borrowed a book from the local library with a title something like "Capitalism and Democracy Are Not Compatible." It explained a lot of problems a country could encounter if they tried to¬ use both. I'm not sure of the exact title and didn't remember the name of the author. Just a couple years later I went back look for it but they said it was five years old so it was put in the annual auction. I'm still looking for it because I've seen so many of the things mentioned come true. But no luck.