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Xzb, et al.:

I much appreciate your speaking to the "Indivisible" project which reaches strongly to the resistance to the structural violence of the present U.S. administration. I have taken note some, previously, of that activism, and I do "get" that our activism is "divided" by the insufficient recognition of our oppressed way of being.

That being said, I know that you have high skill in working that kind of "tokenist" situation. Similarly last nite I heard Richard Wolff speak in Berkeley about the transformation of activism against the present capitalist system. I stood in line afterwards and then linked his critique of Roosevelt's "New Deal" to Donald Verene and the movement to construct social science in more of an authentic manner. [My handout link is here and Verene has a new book "James Joyce and the Philosophers at Finnegans Wake."] I got his attention, however in my heart I still imagine that Mr. Wolff will find his "tokenist" way to engage.

In my previous post I spoke of Pamela Inaba, who has helped lead the L.A. County Client Coalition, and I know she has worked long and hard to get L.A. County DMH to find the Western Recovery Conference type event. My sense is that the family "internment camp" experience has helped her stand up meaningfully to the prevailing tokenism in people's stereotypy. In San Jose that movement has indeed upgraded the "social change" process!

In short, we are each attempting to work towards the breakdown of "oppression denial" that is generally in place in U.S. society today. The "tokenism" of the 1970s was kept in place by conditioning in the capacity of behavior management, while today there is an upgrade which the three of us - and others - are attempting to work. When we constructed Social Accountability, I would take individual activists "to coffee" so we could socialize effectively. Today the "social role networking" to engage the oppression denial more fully needs to be developed and then socially constructed to operate effectively.





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