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From: 'Andrew Phelps'


Cc: Friends

Sent: Fri Jul 8 2016 21:22

Subject: [S-ACC] psychology opening



Years back, the Social Accountability "Work Group" participated in conferences of Psychologists for Social Responsibility ( ). We helped set up a "New Social Roles" project which brought the conversation of behavior management as "oppression" to the discussions of psychologists challenging the prevailing polity.

We wrestled - often successfully - with "civility" and then we had a hurtful experience at the Boston 2010 PsySR conference; the 2012 "Occupy Psychology" conference (Washington, DC) served only as a partial remedy. Then the "dissidents" who challenged the power structure of the APA (Psychology) were successful in putting their dysfunctional leadership into a 'breakdown' condition.

Now I report that I've been appointed as a member of the PsySR Steering Committee. That has the potential of [helping] breaking down the "mental illness" stereotypy that impedes effective collaboration.

We are oppressed for being "mentally ill" when the reality is that our "life projects" engage society and conventional psychology in a difficult manner. Instead of the irresponsible "forced treatment" control process and the "ducks in line" expectation of the behavioral system, we need to be able to engage as full persons.