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Your conversation deserves much more follow-up. Now that the U.S. election is over and we are starting to adjust to the outcome, let me add a few comments. I'd be happy if others would also say what they feel and think. We do need to work the discussion forward!

On Fri, 11/4/16, Abc wrote:

I still perhaps am stuck in early waves of activism, though I want to say "grassroots opposition" here rather than transformation... the 'social dynamic culture change' you mention is in the media, the expert ranks, and the sociological (mis)management of exposures to behaviors being deemed inside and outside 'cultural norms' and safety - even though psychiatry calls it disease ..

The denial system known as the "mental illness" model is deeply ingrained in most people's ways of being.

One can perhaps transform those norms, though otherwise the most we can do for "transformation" is contribute to the existential (and hopefully empathetic) evidence and the information campaign for rationality and humanity to prevail over authoritarian institutions and the abuse and exploitation of authority and expert status.

As my last post "becoming a person" from Dec. 5th indicated, my "labor" perspective says we may have impact when our work projects are understood as contributory, as a creative addition to ongoing work involving social responsibility and promoting social justice.

The structural elements if inherent, must be dealt with at some level where the structures rely on common values, which are either malformed, malmanaged, or promoted to oppress and "other" those who the structures are designed to keep down.

What I did Dec. 5th was create a forum at San Jose City College, one that upgraded the campus conversation on the compassionate advocacy involved in replacing the former campus Child Development Center (CDC).

Its as easy as saying, "Do not react to the world in any way, lest you become known for overreacting..." and get captured for it. When I wonder *structurally,* how I am deprived of life on a daily basis, I look at the narrowing of human knowledge and experience, and the personal dominance and cultural tyranny that expresses itself once sequestered explanations of the world and society become the prevailing paradigm and perception ..

What I found in confronting the prevailing "sequestered explanations" in the paradigm of the community college was a strong positive response from those in the campus polity seeking to refinance the CDC; I also wrecked my car driving (in my usual manner) to the South Bay that morning  <sigh!>


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