Alice with Playing Cards

From: "Andrew Phelps <>"


Subject: [S-ACC] structural competency event

Date: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 7:31 AM



Structural violence is the prevailing concern regarding the present system of "mental illness." Culture change means grassroots transformation of the social dynamic.

A current project aimed at the concern for such transformation is the conference organized in Berkeley, CA for November 4th  here - called New Responses to Inequity and Discrimination in Health and Welfare. The conference is free, 12N to 6PM, and activists (including S-ACC members) are encouraged to attend.

That project extends the "Rad-Med" work process pulled together by the anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes - and others - following the 2013 Critical Psychiatry workshop  here. That comes as a low-key activism which evidently embraces the "social accountability" perspective: The rad-med announcements google group may be reached from the [Rad-Med] website  here.

Also, Delphine Brody and I have initiated a client/survivor based work project in that structural competency frame, which we are calling "Disability Justice, Harm Reduction, and Paradigm Shift." The contact would be  and people would be encouraged to engage.