From: "Andrew Phelps" <>


Cc: Friend

Subject: [S-ACC] Berkeley reach-out

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017 8:25 PM



I attended today a local political event: Responding to Mental Health Crisis without the Police: A Berkeley Forum — link HERE

About 100 people participated, the conversation engaging police crisis intervention and the role of "mental health." Kayla Moore was killed by Berkeley police about four years ago, and the "responsibility" concern is still working in the legal context. What we have is the Berkeley version of finding community advocacy regarding the nature of crisis intervention.

Typically there are elements of violence, on the part of the police, as happened with Kayla. And, in a distinct frame, on the part of the "mental health" system. What we saw was a strong current version of the local frame of social justice advocacy. Delphine Brody and Michael Diehl also participated. And the meaning of that experience, as I saw that, was that constructing "new social roles" which engage the oppressive character of behavioral health, comes more to the surface. We were not invited to present on the panel, still we helped create a presence.

The "reconciliation and oppression" project in which Delphine and I are engaged in PsySR (Psychologists for Social Responsibility) is meant to learn about how to change the discussion, to overcome the "denial" system that obtains today. Today was a strong experience, albeit we are not there yet. We saw several flavors of grassroots advocacy, themselves reaching out from the heart, and we made ourselves part of the conversation!