Birgitta Jónsdóttir


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Subject: Re: [S-ACC] 1% trouble in Bay Area

Date: Thu 01/01/15 06:55 PM



What you write is well-spoken and the concerns you discuss come back to me again and again.

I've been trying to get folks to relate to "peer support" in a similar fashion as when I volunteered at a free clinic back in the 60's and 70's. I've been saying that "peer support" ought not be part of the existing system.

I keep thinking of breaking the social dynamic of "treatment" in an effective manner. The "Viking ship" on the flyer for the Jan. 24th event takes me back to Icelandic parliamentarian Birgitta Jonsdottir who spoke "down the street" from my place of residence at an Edward Snowden event (June, 2013) - see HERE

We need to teach Elyn Saks and other darlings of family members and those family members themselves to do something different.

That relates to the Icelandic tradition which is not in sync with Leif Erikson tradition of "ethnic outreach" to North America. My concern comes to engaging the social irresponsibility of the present "each mind matters" approach as we are expected to ride the ship carrying our diagnoses "across the sea."

For the specific event in Menlo Park, I plan to attend; currently we have registered (free daylong event) another from our "Work Group" and Jancis Long, from PsySR. We would welcome others who are able to attend and willing to engage in "seafaring."

On a related note, I've met the past week with two activists from the "Social Accountability Work Group" frame. With one I shared coffee and engaged with dignity and respect, with the other we made connection transcending time and place. And I'm amazed to report I also went to visit the tidepool yesterday and met two healthy thriving starfish, so .. they now start to return after total extermination due to "lesion."

Instead what we get is more calls for force. We get more calls for increased power of psychiatry to use force. We've got to get a different message out.

So good to hear from you.