from Tosca, by Giacomo Puccini


From: "Andrew Phelps [S-ACC]"


Subject: [S-ACC] 1% trouble in Bay Area

Date: Sun 12/21/14 04:32 PM


I have been made aware through my struggle with the mental health system of two initiatives which indicate in different ways the intention to commit madness engagement to the Ferguson model of top-down dominance.

On Jan. 17th HERE the Berkeley City Council will have a town-hall meeting on police riots in Berkeley. The Council majority will look to put a good face on the police behavior problem, akin to the Grand Jury outcomes in Ferguson and Staten Island.

On Jan. 24th the forces of NAMI - and allies - are holding a 'definitive' meeting on how to render wellness and recovery in a "treatment" model that engages individuals from a 1% standpoint - noting that "each mind matters." That will be in Menlo Park across the Bay and Elyn Saks, law professor at U.S.C., will be a featured speaker: flyer HERE

I worry for social accountability and the relation of engagement with the "Roma" - the mental health client culture - with enhanced oppression potential. The good thing is the culture of dominance - the structural violence advocacy - is more and more getting caught in the dysfunctional character of the philosophy of being that accompanies.