Inequality for All


From: Andrew Phelps <>

Subject: Re: [PsySR-humanrights] Racist headline in NYT: "Are the Roma Primitive, or Just Poor?"


Date: Saturday, October 19, 2013, 6:59 PM


Ttt's point is well taken.

Those who derive from non-IndoEuropean cultures are stereotyped in an unfortunate manner. I'm OK with PsySR engaging "psychological anthropology" in the fashion now being brought forward





On Sat, 10/19/13, Ttt wrote:

The NYT headline was very poorly chosen. If the writer had written about the past history and researched to determine if habits of much of this culture have changed or not, it could have been interesting.

In 1972, I visited the island of Mallorca where a large number of "gypsies" had migrated some years prior. They had real efforts underway to change their ways and help them live good lives. In 1980, I visited Croatia and Istanbul, Turkey. Both places I saw the children in rags begging and stealing but out back were the Mercedes and other expensive vehicles that belonged to their parents. Children as young as 3 - 6 roamed the streets and searched for the tourists. As they held your hand, they were trying to twist a ring off your finger and they had already become expert pickpockets. They weren't born with this ability; someone had to teach them. On other trips, I encountered some children who had been taught similar talents in Paris, Monte Carlo, Rome, some of the Caribbean Islands, and Acapulco, Mexico.

They are not primitive and many are not poor. It is mostly what they have had passed on to them from previous generations for whatever reason.