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Date: Fri, February 27, 2015 1:15 pm

Subject: [behave] "grand opening" experience



Last nite the new SJECCD District Office (moved from near EVC) opened at 40 S. Market St. The cost was $4.3M and now downtown San Jose is home for the District. Faculty were not invited, however the MHCA as "community group" had three present, myself and .. our Student Senator and .. our Secretary (we chartered on Wednesday).

Presenters included Mayor Liccardo, Board of Supervisors Pres. Cortese and member Cindy Chavez, the SJCC Cheer Team, Chancellor Cepeda and the Presidents of SJCC and EVC. Wendy Ho leading the Board of Trustees - event MC - "cut the ribbon" on a 6:28PM time frame. We participated, with ~100 others, took in some of the comestibles, talked with various people; [our Secretary] and I also did a tour of the upstairs offices.

The advocacy for changing the engagement with madness and upgrading the structural violence of mental health service delivery will find new adaptation in new circumstances.


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