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Subject: Re: [s-acc] integrity and "stage 2"

Date: Tue 12/25/12 02:40 PM



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My therapist is trauma-certified & trained in Germany & takes great offense at the "what happened to you" line of thought.

Luria in particular stressed the problematic of "what happened to you" in terms of the social and emotional process of how one puts together one's being. In that sense, your therapist is right that re-working things at the level of the early emergence of being is important. "I didn't know what that word really meant" is a lived experience of mine. As well, I teach "developmental" mathematics and reach to my students at the kind of level you describe, where the "can't do math" arrived.

Also, regarding Paula Caplan, she has taken that type of lived experience to the social level. We did a workshop (with Lynne Stewart) at the Fall 2003 "feminist" PsySR Conference, and she presented at the "Work Group's" (off-site) Institute at Anaheim. She writes about "drapetomania" which was the Dx given in the 19th century for "wanting to escape slavery." What she's trying to do is to get the society to re-think retraumatization, to take it from excuses about "what happened" to socially responsible engagements with overcoming that experience.

What is on my mind is that our movement started in an "empowerment" phase where we sought to take on the "coercion" process. Our succeeding phase will work for "dignity/respect" and that involves taking on the "retraumatization" process. That means "wellness and recovery" serves as a limited way of engaging the psychological realities. And eventually that means our taking on the "behavior management" which works against our lived experience of objects of oppression.


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