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Subject: Re: [s-acc] integrity and "stage 2"

Date: Sun 12/23/12 12:57 PM



You wrote:

Down with the friggin' DSM — damn stupid manual!

For me that has become focused as a "timing" issue. The "first wave" of our movement has recently teamed up with [APA] Div. 32 Humanistic Psychology to contend against the incoming DSM-V. Further activities are being planned in San Francisco at the ApA convention later this spring.

This fall I applied to have Paula Caplan, Ph.D., co-author of "Bias in Psychiatric Diagnosis" funded to speak to the oppression of the mental health clients and the lived experience of the Veterans, at San Jose City College. That received wide support but some of the top administration wasn't willing to do that on a "last minute" basis. We are expecting to work out something for the Spring term, and Paula also wants us to dramatize the social role of the Veterans to the Silicon Valley further. FWIW Pat Risser and I participated in Veterans workshop she gave at the July 2012 DC PsySR conference.

Part of the "stereotyping" we engage as client/survivors is when legitimate rage (as I read your comment) gets socially confronted with coercive behavior. The paradigm for fighting oppression needs to be engaged most carefully, and with strategic attention.


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