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Subject: Re: [s-acc] integrity and 'stage 2'

Date: Sat 12/22/12 02:49 PM



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Please elaborate what "individual integrity" references.

Several months after we visited Orlando, a young man went to the store and bought skittles. On his way home, and person considering himself "neighborhood watch" was ill-taken by the young man's "hoodie" and shot him to death. The appearance (subject to interpretation) is that the young man acted "with integrity." "Integrity" frames behavior differently than the "normal" construct, because it engages the culture dynamics and the meaning of activities.

I am hoping the way forward is contained in some aspect of the terms of that description, IE whether there can be this acknowledgement or a methodology that will result in this acknowledgement.

In other words, as we work into the frame of "occupying our behavior," we will be able to contend - and likely sustain - that we understand that we are acting "with integrity." By contrast, if people are told to "behave" than that throws the social interaction into a management/compliance dynamic of the sort which we often find problematic. For PsySR, Tom Greening is a humanist psychologist who writes poetry about the quandaries of situation: Today (see below) he posted ironically about the "NRA experience" based on yesterday's press conference. For the client/survivor movement, "contained in some aspect of the terms of that description" seems a creative expectation in our choice of social behavior.

I have guesses, and fairly strong suggestions, though I am not comfortable I would be talking the same language or referencing the same elements.

I was working this fall with an English professor who serves as Pres. of the Academic Senate at SJCC. He goes to Beowulf when he has to make "guesses." :-)

Additionally, without taking anything away from any potentially original reply, what would be envisioned as an appropriate demonstration of what is ".. our people's individual integrity (.. being ..) fully engaged."

English poetry is one source of insight into such process. I've also learned quite a bit from Iranian cultural leaders like Sa’di, Rumi, Hafez, Ferdowsi.

Hope things go well with you.



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Today I want to shout “Hurray!”
for the inspiring NRA.
Give me a gun so Išll feel safe.
Išll shoot bad guys and sometimes strafe
the ghetto, and when I am done
Išll pop some perps just for the fun.<
The NRA is on my side
because we good guys canšt abide
the commies and the mental cases
and any person who debases
our peaceful armed society,
our gun-enforced tranquility.


- Tom Greening