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From: "Andrew Phelps" <>

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Subject: [s-acc] integrity and "stage 2"

Date: Fri 12/21/12 06:28 PM



When we made arrangement with Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) to engage the "New Social Roles" project (NSR), that was with a "signing statement" to the effect that our version of the proposal differed in some details from the one approved by their OpCom (now: Admin Team). The two versions are HERE FIRST for the "Work Group" and then HERE SECOND for PsySR. See HERE for some particulars. The prevailing discussion in the negotiation related to "first wave" v. "second wave" in the client/survivor movement and the related lived experiences of empowerment and dignity/integrity.

"Stage 2" is where there is a transition in the process of the NSR project and where the coalition dynamic gets "reset." In "Stage 1" we argued over "denial" of our way of being and ultimately Pat and I were able to present at their July 2012 conference on the passing of Sue Poole and the honor of her being. Now there appears to arise the problematic of "scorn" and whether our people's individual integrity should be fully engaged. I'm seeking for us to insist on our way of being: The alternative HERE "retraumatization" does not constitute a suitable arrangement.

At the 2010 Boston PsySR Conference five of us engaged as client/survivors: We each experienced insufficient engagement with our sense of integrity. Ultimately Naomi and Allison pulled back, with dignity: Naomi did a "dialogue" workshop with Frank Kashner at the Boston 2011 Conference, while Allison was able to get fully funded by San Jose City College. Delphine and I moved to work on the NSR project which postponed development of the full experience. Lynne withdrew from active engagement after spending much conference time in a medical situation at Boston Medical Center.

The manner of PsySR's political direction forward is the subject for a further post. Current info may be found HERE. For the advocacy here/now, it is important for us to find the way forward to "Stage 2" in a way that supports integrity fully. Apparently that is going to take some creative "pull together" and reflect the problematic of our oppression by way of "behavior management" effectively.