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Subject: Re: [PsySR-humanrights] Report from CPA Town Hall: Attn: Srp

Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 7:53 PM



I did a poster session Another World is Possible: Silicon Valley Violence, Abuse and Trauma at IVAT 20 San Diego Sunday, and talked that the transformative agenda of responsible psychology engaging "violence, abuse, and trauma" could be better networked with parallel activism in the Silicon Valley  abstract here.

The short-term project of engaging the advocacy dynamics such as Ehl did so well, and carrying that forward, is now of focal interest in the discussion. In addition to that "coping" project, discussion might also be extended to the "creative direction" problematic of putting responsible psychology together better, such as IVAT engages [Paula Caplan and Roberta Sprague have each engaged in that capacity in the recent period.]

And do note that recently Russ Newman resigned at Alliant, and Bob Geffner the President of IVAT - who helped found APA Division 56 Trauma - has recently helped with the Social Justice re-structuring in a meaningful way. I believe that the two activities - 'coping' and taking the 'creative direction" will help move forward psychology in a responsible manner!



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Dear Ehl,

I agree with Fff. Those who were manipulated in the past can take strongest action now ..

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Hi Ehl,

This is very helpful information. Strategically, it would be a major coup and have a real impact if the CPA pushed for the ethics changes necessary I make the policy enforceable. CPA was a strong supporter of Behnke's 'ethics' rationalizationd in the past and this would be an effective and dramatic change.

Whatever can be done to spur them on to write that letter is worthwhile.

Good work.