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When I was in psychiatric lockup, I shared for a while a four person private ward with a man who was identified as a medical doctor. He was allowed to carry and use his own razor - we were told there that since he was "medical" he knew how to commit suicide should he so choose, so the blades were "not a danger."

After I changed wards, I noticed a young Afro-American being moved into that private ward. And that nite, he did manage to kill himself, wrapping his throat in bedding, despite the lack of useful tools for self-injury and the constant "checking in" by staff.





Wed, June 28, 2017 1:46 pm, Yxw wrote:

FYI from a colleague.

Qom wrote:

A blue code of silence for the large number of psychologists who keep quiet? Along with NASW national?

Just a thought... people can be so dreadful...