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Subject: [s-acc] quack report

Date: Fri 11/02/12 06:57 PM



What happened at Portland Alternatives?

A lot of ducks, and matching duck behavior.

Some quacks come to mind. Beckie who pulled Peerlink together, and then resigned, is going to finish graduate studies in "how children learn about health care." Amy Zulich, the lead organizer, has now been promoted to Executive Director of MHA Oregon. I came to Alternatives a day late, and they had run out of t-shirts in my size. :-(

The "medical" orientation of Peerlink led to a situation where behavior occupation was discussed more openly on its own terms. Divisions arose in the National Coalition for MH Recovery and they did not meet (off-site) as planned. Tension also arose regarding the role of MindFreedom International: I hope their planned "Creative Revolution" workshop in Philadelphia yesterday came off well! Overall, people did have to look at their "social roles" and our psychology initiative did get engaged.

There are new S-ACC members from our "Occupying our Behavior in a Responsible Way" workshop. That discussion - led by myself, Pat, Delphine and Drake - took off quite well, I'd say. We should expect to bring respect and dignity for the "behavior objects" to the fore as we develop that advocacy, I believe. That speaks for the "quacks" that pleased me.

I'm sure there is much more to say about the duck behavior people have observed. There are (to me) strange stories about Portland and Roses from World War II, which I encountered when I tried my best to waddle. [!]


ABO "Andrew Behavior Object"