Oedipus and the Sphinx


From: Andrew Phelps <dis_course@yahoo.com>

To: S-ACC@yahoogroups.com

Subject: [S-ACC] pulling together

Date: Saturday, March 12, 2016 3:33 PM



I've been "pulling together" after 'life' outreach to progressive psychology in the flavor of "making trust and connection." I act as a person not identifying as "mentally ill" albeit that's the commonplace stereotype which I must engage - must deconstruct.

On Feb. 24th I brought Dr. Jennifer Freyd to De Anza College to speak about "institutional betrayal." The last week I've focused on college activity, targeting "disability justice" and working to upgrade the college's (strong) engagement in "disability advocacy."

Meanwhile the nation is engaged in "disconnect" from the standing way national politics has happened. We live with the risk of difficult or even "fascist" consequences, and we must strive to bring the oppression of the so-called "mental illness" involved people into the dynamic of social change.

Notice has come of Alternatives 2016, to be held in San Diego, CA for September 19-23 - at the same location where the Violence, Abuse, and Trauma conference will be held (three weeks earlier). In my way of understanding, dignity and respect are important concerns as we undertake socially responsible forms of advocacy for the "lived experience" of our ways of being.