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Date: Saturday, November 8, 2014 9:55 PM



I do think that having Risen present could be excellent. I also feel that Amy Goodman is a poor choice and that there are retrogressive implications for including her in that capacity.

The concern has to do with community psychology and the advocacies that are socially responsible in that frame. The Social Accountability Work Group actually met socially with Amy approximately eight (8) times with civil response but a complete failure to engage the issue of the oppression of those considered "mentally ill."

We also found that Amy's mentor Laura Nader applies 1% management techniques to render the "oppression" concern ineffectual. Thus, in May 2013 when Laura asked the International Critical Psychiatry Workshop in Berkeley to be made one of the presenters, the anthropologists and critical psychiatrists there voted not to do so.

A positive direction that would challenge the APA advocacy protecting psychologists who torture might be seen in the frame of "Diagnosis Alternatives" such as that presented at the time of this year's APA conference. A strong direction forward may be found in the Dec. 9-12 WHO conference in Trieste, a mental health advocacy - see  HERE - that I would recommend as engaging the psychology of oppression in the "behavioral health" context.



Andrew Phelps



On Sat, 11/8/14, Pqr wrote:

Thanks Oqs!

From: Oqs  Saturday, November 8, 2014 at 4:22 PM

I wish I was on the East coast so I could plan to attend. UNfortunately I am unable to due to several other projects right now. If someone has skills with a video camera or video DSLR and audio recording, that would be great, as it can be posted on the PsySR website or my website.

Why not invite Amy Goodman and James Risen to the protest. Risen did a really fine job dealing with the APA & PENS in his new book.

For that matter, why not invite Mitchell & Jessen to discuss their role in the torture program with the protest group. After all, aren't we all members of the same profession?

AND, kudos to Pqr and Srp for their presence in his chapter.