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Subject: Re: [S-ACC] a practical move

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On Sun, 2/18/18, “whatever” wrote:

I'd like to find a way to get to Sacramento on Friday, so as to meet with you.

I did go to Sacramento yesterday, and I met with Pam. Also Delphine Brody came and joined us.

We all three presented together at Boston Alternatives  HERE  last summer. Now the conversation is moving - to which I'd care to speak.

I wrote on 2/18:

Our movement moves to a new level, what I describe as "institutional shift." We are constructing a way to be engaged as persons, not as someone playing the role of "mentally ill."

For the last two decades, the conversation has gone to (1) methods for doing (and upgrading) peer advocacy, what I term "infrastructure work." Today, we need to (2) move past "doing better" to "making social change happen," to what I describe as "institutional shift."

Our conversation (we are each experienced activists, with current grassroots engagement in different parts of California) went often to topics of infrastructure. The difference is that we also went to framing that talk in terms of reaching to making social change. To *imagining* what might effectively do that. We are, of course, a considerable way from the direct organization of that change: We did had a good experience working our imaginations, and that seemed both wholesome and warming. :-)

I say those things, as I'm concerned that we upgrade our work, from a focus on assessing social accountability and towards promoting "institutional shift" in a responsible manner, and with continuing concern for respect and dignity. The psychological violence of our times demands nothing less. We need to promote an attitude of "kindness and responsibility," and to stand against the attitudes built on bullying, or deriving from "heroism" seeking to control. Speak up, and help the creative process work towards meaningful social construction!