From: Andrew Phelps <>


Subject: [s-acc] presentation "Occupying Our Behavior"

Date: Fri 03/15/13 06:02 PM



A week ago Monday, March 4th, Delphine Brody and I gave a 2-hour presentation to Steve Segal's public policy class at U.C. Berkeley School of Social Welfare.

Delphine's power point is HERE. I will also make our "references" links available on the S-ACC website.

We were talking about "occupying our behavior" and the path towards moving the client/survivor struggle from "freedom" to the transcendent advocacy of "respect." We also spoke to the role of the "clinical gaze critique" and trauma-sensitive and socially responsible approaches.

People's thoughts and advocacies in this regard would be of much interest. We'd like to know how the advocacy may be upgraded, and how it might be implemented in a meaningful way.


ABO "Andrew Behavior Object"