Subject: .. Re: [PsySR-wellbeing] Positive Psychology

Date: Fri, July 5, 2013 11:46 am



What you say is very well stated.

Yes, we need a new institutional process, but we also need to go forward in the work on mental [illness] care on a daily basis with a constantly evolving evolve away from the clinical gaze propensity to a respect for the individual life goals while operating under a framework based the old roles. We can be most helpful to practitioners and their clients if we address that reality.

There should be more of a 'process' for how we get "from here to there." At the ICPW Conference run by U.C. Berkeley Medical Anthropology in May HERE we started into that conversation.

It seems to me that those of us who have meaningful experience already iin that area need to move more into advocacy which will "address that reality" and promote a situation where a wider range of involved persons to find creative ways to do more regarding that 'challenge' to 'evolve'.