From: "Andrew Phelps" <>


Subject: [S-ACC] moving the pointer on accountability

Sent: Friday, January 12, 2018 9:51 PM



Under present social conditions, our movement is reaching the stage where we both need to and are becoming ready to make real change, so as to alter and upgrade the work at overcoming the dynamic of "behavioral oppression." When we constructed the movement, our activism came to take form that we then came to know as "protest" and (what some called) "take money from the system."

We could see that some activities "made a difference," and then we sought to build institutional processes that would have "feet on the ground." The Social Accountability approach, one of those carefully done, was set to help construct "paths with 'heart'" to be incorporated into the dialogue structure, to make protest more effective and embrace standards of dignity: We are "people."

Today I see the "pointer" for meaningful action moving to what some call "equilibrium," where our strategy becomes to contend with the present approaches to "take on the 'madness'" (a.k.a. "mental illness"). as our ways "work better" for institutional shift. Our earlier successes are (as is commonplace) under attack and the system uses approaches that fail (have what is called "dysfunction"): They need our "assistance."

I personally have reached to the "New Social Roles" project of PsySR  HERE, which involves constructing an approach to teaching psychology to manage with kindness and social responsibility, speaking for myself. The U.S. government has defunded "Alternatives" and joined the argument on "false facts" on different terms [than we have used], my point here being that social forces to transform the oppression denial now need to work more and more from the handle that "mad lives matter" and that our culture may change behavior in regards to dealing with irrational phenomena.



who is watching the pointer, with more to say ..