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Subject: Re: [RadPsyNet-Members] The Mental Health Reform Act of 2016 (SB 2680) Would Be a Huge Step Backwards

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I appreciate your comments.

Alternatives 2016 in San Diego was strongly oriented towards "peer therapy."

Our Social Accountability Work Group took a different tack:  We did a workshop on "Getting the Ducks in Line" where we explored the prevailing practice of "behavior management." Our claim was that "mental illness" is a social construction of limited carrying capacity, and so we are best regarded as "people" not "mentally ill beings."

Flyer  here.





On Tue, 10/4/16, Vwx wrote:

I remember seeing studies done on peer therapy. Loren Mosher's research with "acute schizophrenics" was mostly a peer or paraprofessional run facility. Some research I looked up:  here.

But know that most all "peer" run therapy programs are managed or trained by main stream professionals who impose their rigid, mostly ineffective criteria. AA, imhop, is a toxic, ineffective approach to substance abuse or alcohol, imposing "spiritual" values (mostly Christian, when you get down to it) on the participants. The AA success rate is cited at between 5% -10%. When one gets involved in it, it is really a socialization group for people who believe they have a problem they can't solve. It helps some e.g., out of 100 people, between 5-10 individuals will have achieved success in remaining free of substances.

It is likely that the socialization among AA peers is what is effective, not the program .. or the steps. Recent human society trends encourages aloneness and discourages socialization and friendships.