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George and Martha would sit over the Potomac and take note of the "river horses" prancing. Today in front of the Student Center at GWU there is a statue of one — see above.

When we did the feminist PsySR conference 2003 in/around that building, I had occasion to consider the subtext of the arrangement (see my comments then). Your comments add to that perspective.


Andrew Phelps

On Sat, October 3, 2015 9:46 am, Oyz wrote:

I too am not well informed about US history but, GW, the "father of our country" was a slave-owner. I was shocked when I learned this from my daughter. Her generation learned a different version of history than I did when I was a child.

Here is another version that is probably also very cleaned up since it's the website of a popular tourist location:

I had trouble learning history as a child and now understand that one of the reasons was that I intuited that what I was being taught didn't make sense. In retrospect, I see that it was "white washed".

Though GW may have not wanted to be a monarch, he wasn't the perfect person I was taught that to believe. My early education was happening during the days when we were watching "Father Knows Best" on TV. I accept that it wouldn't have been easy for an 11 year old boy who was inheriting slaves to think totally independently of his cohort but, it turns out that these facts weren't the only ones we weren't being taught when we were learning a patriarchal view of history.