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Subject: Re: [psysr-disc] FW: OPEN HOUSE 2/18/15 - The Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis

Date: Wed, February 4, 2015 11:21 am



Thank you for the kind response.

I was also speaking to the ongoing concern of the oppression of "mental patients" by the structural violence of the behavior management system. The PsySR New Social Roles project has been developing initial discussions of social responsibility in that context.

We plan to open that project up to limited participation by PsySR members and members of the client/survivor "Social Accountability Work Group" very soon. You are also welcome to write me or Jancis Long off-list regarding concerns or interest.


Andrew Phelps

project leader, New Social Roles project



Quy wrote:

I try to be respectful when discussing differences of opinion. I can only say that the way I practice and those to whom I refer, are often not at all invested in the diagnosis and work to provide the client the help they are seeking without pretending we "know" the right answers. Rather I engage in a collaborative exploration of what is troubling to the person, and how together we may be able to find a path that can lead to greater contentment. I say contentment, rather than "be happy" because I think a state of contentment is a more realistic goal, as I've never felt that 100% happiness is possible for most, including myself.